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WMS warehouse management system

WMS is through the warehousing business, outbound business, warehouses, inventory allocation and virtual warehouse management functions, such as integrated batch management, storage management, inventory inventory, quality management, just-in-time inventory management, first in first out, and the period of validity control functions such as the integrated use of management system, effectively control through bar code, RFID electronic tag and follow up the whole management process of warehouse operations, Perfect enterprise storage information management, improve storage logistics distribution efficiency and inventory turnover rate, greatly reduce the inventory backlog and capital occupation of enterprises.

1. WMS function setting module

You can customize management rules for the entire system, including defining administrators and operation passwords.

2. Basic data maintenance module of WMS

A unique basic barcode serial number label is generated for each batch of products, and users can define the serial number according to their own needs. Each type of products has fixed coding rules, and products can be added, deleted and edited in the database.

3. WMS procurement management module

Purchase order: Purchase order can be filled when purchase is needed, and inventory will not be affected at this time;

Purchase receipt: When the purchase order is approved and the purchase is completed, the item is first labeled with a barcode serial number. The barcode is then scanned on the purchase receipt and the stock is automatically increased when saved. Other warehousing: including loaned goods return, return, etc., only need to fill in the purchase receipt.

4. WMS warehouse management module

Product warehousing: purchase warehousing or other warehousing, automatic generation of warehousing number, goods and can choose convenient, can distinguish normal warehousing, return warehousing and other different warehousing methods.

Product outbound: sales outbound or other outbound, can automatically generate outbound list number, can distinguish between normal outbound, gifts outbound and other ways of outbound;

Inventory management: no need for manual management, when warehousing and warehousing, the system automatically generates the inventory quantity of each product, easy to query;

Special warehouse: when customers need to distinguish products, they can establish a virtual warehouse to manage the products to be distinguished, and the functions are consistent with the normal warehouse.

Transfer management: according to the need to transfer between different warehouses, can automatically generate transfer order number, support the goods in different warehouses arbitrary transfer.

Inventory management: users can inventory the warehouse at any time, automatically generate inventory documents, making inventory work convenient and quick.

Stock upper limit alarm: when the stock quantity does not meet a quantity, the system will alarm.

5. WMS sales management module

Sales order: when the sales out of the warehouse, the first to fill in the sales out of the warehouse, it does not affect the inventory;

Sales and shipment: when sales are out of the warehouse, the serial number of the products sold out of the warehouse will be scanned to the order, after saving, the inventory report will automatically reduce the products.

6. WMS report generation module

Automatic generation function of sales report, purchase report and inventory report at the end of month, quarter and year, users can customize the statistical report.

7. WMS query function

Purchase order query, sales order query, single product query, inventory query, etc. (user defined).

Query is in accordance with a certain condition: bar code serial number, date, customer and so on.