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Edge Computing

Through in-depth collaboration with the Internet of Things platform, the full-dimensional cloud service capability is extended to the edge side, close to the real demand scenarios of users, and provides a secure, reliable, easy-to-use and feature-rich edge computing platform to help users quickly build and run various types of edge businesses.

Face edge scene, build edge business

Edge Computing supports multiple types of applications and builds Edge businesses through choreography:

  • Support multiple types of edge applications, including traditional binary native applications, Docker container applications, video AI algorithms, etc;

  • Supports multi-mode application orchestration: Provides a visual orchestration tool. Users can freely combine and mix edge applications, construct edge services, and deploy edge applications with one click based on actual service scenarios;

  • Supports streaming data processing and data flow orchestration, helping users directly build edge services based on data flow.

Cloud side collaboration, consistent experience, seamless and convenient management of the whole process

  • Built-in edge data model, consistent with the data model of the Internet of Things platform, seamless terminal device management;

  • Provide multi-level monitoring and remote operation and maintenance capabilities, including EDGE software OTA upgrade, edge configuration upgrade, edge application update and edge application monitoring;

  • Edge configuration Supports one-click deployment to edge compute nodes, which automatically detects the version of the configuration during deployment.

Software definition, hardware decoupling, robust localization support

  • Edge Computing is deployed on hardware nodes as software. It is decoupled from hardware and supports lightweight deployment;

  • Support offline processing, local data processing, provide side message offline cache, support off-network storage;

  • Provide edge driver, support multi-type protocol hardware device side access: MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, ONVIF.