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XMES system can realize the strict management of quality timely and to the maximum extent through the real-time collection of on-site product information; On the other hand, the use of MES system, can achieve strict control of the production plan, so as to maximize the timely delivery of products, in the control of quality and production schedule to provide assurance.


Data acquisition and analysis:

● The equipment, robot, production line all processing equipment status, output, processing process parameters data, measurement results and other real-time acquisition data.

● Through the real-time collection of data, the production schedule, operation efficiency, product quality, and other factors of the production line of the enterprise are analyzed in real time.

Parts tracing:

● Through the two-dimensional code on the parts, each part can generate a complete processing, testing "resume" and archiving.

● Through this resume can trace the product each process and test data, in order to find problems and solve problems. It is often used in automobile, aerospace and other industries.

Lean production:

● According to the analysis results, timely and effective improvement of production management, the formation of continuous improvement of the closed loop system.