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Through the cloud box will be the scene of a large number of data, programs, and the image of industrial equipment in different regions of the world, after the transfer to the far side of cloud data center, in order to realize remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, remote maintenance, fault early warning, the information network of remote management equipment, construction scale for equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end customers complete equipment remote maintenance management solutions platform.


● With 8 point switching capacity, users can customize DI/DO, more flexible field application, cost-effective

● third-party software and platform, through the built-in Web API function, using HTTP protocol can easily and safely obtain device data and control device, support real-time data push, support PHP, Java, C#, C++ and other languages, and support the Internet and LAN call

● Innovative to the third party open the device configuration screen integration function, through the safe and easy to use interface, the device screen can be integrated into the third party's software, website, APP, small programs and other personalized scenes, so that the third party applications immediately have the remote control ability of the device

● Set HMI+RTU+ Internet of things related functions as one, can replace the HMI screen through the mobile phone /PC directly monitor the display screen, control is flexible and convenient

● Support Cloud configuration Cloud SCADA, built-in Cloud engine, integrated Cloud services, support Cloud/mobile access control

● Support access to alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Google and other third-party Internet of Things platforms

Support base station location, IP location, device map view. The map of all devices can be displayed on the mobile phone or monitor screen, which is both intuitive and convenient