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Digital factory solutions for cosmetics industry
Optimize the internal management of the enterprise, control the omni-channel marketing, and realize the digital transformation of new retail

Digital factory solutions for cosmetics industry


Thproblems in the cosmetics industry

Planning level: there are about 10 kinds of materials for each variety. Market forecast is difficult and the plan cannot keep up with the changes.

Technical production: product structure information is not shared, material change and replacement is difficult;

Production level: there are shutdown with material, difficult arrangement of emergency insertion orders, the execution of orders can not be controlled;

Financial level: inaccurate cost calculation, cost budget in shape, capital flow is not smooth;

Warehouse management level: packaging materials except large cartons, basically no versatility at all, high inventory, shortage still exists, can not find the appropriate stock;

Procurement level: raw materials basically rely on procurement, procurement cycle is generally relatively long; The procurement cycle of raw materials often affects the ability to adapt to the market; There is no precise purchase plan, only a little more in case of downtime waiting for materials.

Planning direction

1. Establish a resource sharing platform for bill of Materials

2. Build an agile planning system for responding to the market

3. Establish effective plan execution control mechanism to reduce inventory

4. Implement total quality management system

5. Achieve fine cost accounting

6. Establish a budget management system based on business perspective



1. Production plan management


MRP planning based on rolling production plan to achieve the basic balance of supply and demand of materials


MRP planning was carried out based on the next month's main production plan to achieve the dynamic balance of product supply and demand

In case of an emergency order, the MRP rethink is used to analyze the execute permissions of the order and the corresponding measures

Through the lack of material analysis, understand the order supporting material supply situation, in order to track the supply and demand balance of materials in real time

2. Effective material control

Purchase plan execution control

Follow up purchase order execution

Material requisition control (allocation simulation, proportioning out of storage)

Follow up production order progress

3. Establish a strict quality management system

Purchase warehousing, finished products warehousing through the inspection application, quality inspection real-time record in the inspection quantity, quality inspection results and treatment of defective products

Through periodical inspection in storage, quality tracking management of goods in storage is realized

Through the retention sample inspection, realize the whole process of product quality tracking management

4. Establish a budget management system based on business activities

Budget examination and approval and budget control

Budget caliber detail to post, realize the budget of all staff

Understand controllable resources, used resources and available resources at any time through budget execution analysis.

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