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Enterprise informatization, digitization, automation and intelligent solutions.


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Our advantages

Rich industry experience

After nearly 5 years of precipitation and development, we serve more than 200 customers, with rich experience in cooperation with various integrators and end customers

Professional team support

Professional, top R & D team, with many years of Internet and manufacturing development experience and experienced operation and maintenance team

Massive quality channel resources

Deep cooperation with many domestic high-quality channels, strong resources cover the whole network

Strong price advantage

Rich industry experience and efficient R & D team, the price is better.

Business content

Industry Solutions

Automotive industry

Combined with their own years of accumulation in the auto parts industry, focusing on the pain points and difficulties in the management of auto parts enterprises, providing integrated solutions of research, production, supply and marketing, accelerating the auto parts enterprises "on the cloud with the number of intelligent", improving the market competitiveness of enterprises - find out what they want and give it to them.

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Machining industry

It is committed to providing new economic growth points for the manufacturing industry, helping the manufacturing industry grow bigger and stronger, combining its own digital experience and practice in the manufacturing field, helping customers in the machinery industry to optimize production methods, create intelligent products, and improve the operation of the whole value chain...


Electronics industry

Focus on the pain points, difficulties and development trends of electronic industry management, provide integrated solutions of research, production, supply and marketing, focus on the whole value chain of products for management and control, improve the operating efficiency and core competitiveness of enterprises.

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Cosmetic industry

How to ensure the stability of product quality and maintain the long-term trust of consumers; How to achieve high efficiency and standard weighing operation; How to ensure that the whole preparation process meets the requirements of technological specifications; How to reduce all kinds of waste in the production process, jiaqiang union of things combined with their own......


food industry

Based on the business understanding and data precipitation of a large number of industry customers, the company provides digital solutions including multi-regional operation, safety and quality traceability, integration of research, production, supply and marketing, and cost closed-loop control

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